Desage™ Assorted Chocolates Box Set

Chocolate in itself is a perfect gift for any occasion, but Desage Chocolate™ is the ultimate gift for any occasions. Because of its unique design and hand crafted presentation box, Desage Chocolate is particularly suited as to offer in to special audiences or guests. Each box can be imprinted with a custom logo or name to promote special events. When you offer Desage Chocolates, you can be assured that beauty, love and dreams combine with a passion for rich and elegant presentation. Desage hand-wrapped assorted chocolates come in blue velvet box.

The unique hand wrapping as well as the handcrafted accessories give our products an identity of its own. When you offer Desage Chocolates, you will feel that beauty, love and dreams go together with a passion for a rich elegant presentation. Our chocolate is perfect for any occassion and can be customized with your logo for any event or promotion, as well as in-room amenities.Buy Button

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