Desage™ Golden Ingots

With only a few competitors chocolate is truly one of the world's food passions. It is so delicious that the Spanish conquerors called it, "Brown Gold".First impressions made by Chocolate remain always. It expresses affection, adoration, admiration, romance and love in any language. Chocolate and love are almost synonymous and this is certainly the case with Desage Chocolatier™ Golden Ingots. For over a quarter century, Desage Chocolatier has succeeded in placing itself among the best known chocolate makers worldwide. The primary reason for this achievement is the fact that our chocolate is made exclusively from the finest and highest quality ingredients. Few can resist hazelnut-filled center that satisfies one’s desires.

The tradition of Desage Chocolatier, started by Jean Louis Desage, has been tried and has stayed true since the era of Napoleon. Unique hand wrapping as well as handcrafted accessories give our products an identity of their own. When you offer Desage Chocolates, you will feel confident that beauty, love and dreams have combined with a passion for rich elegant presentation. Our chocolate is perfect for any occasion and can be customized with your logo for any event or promotion, including in-room amenities. In short the Golden ingot by Desage Chocolatier is a golden block, gratifying not only the taste buds but the core of the soul.Buy Button

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Desage Golden Ingots are packaged in a luxurious velvet box, which come in a variety of sizes and colors. Visit our online store for more details